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Nowhere to Nowhere - new hot in town!!!

Posted by Anna Wajer on

Nowhere to Nowhere - new hot in town!!!

A few days ago we got a call from a guy from the city of Lodz, Poland, asking if we would be interested in stocking our products in a new place that he is just about to open. We found out that he spent the last 25 years in England, is an architect and is as much stoked about the custom motorcycle scene as we are. So without much giving it a thought, we took our dog, got into our car and drove over there to meet with him. This was one of those "on point" decisions! The place is amazing, has its own specific charm and history and Robert - the owner is simply our kind of a guy! The venue and its host were so welcoming that we spent over three hours chatting before we had to get back on the road.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, go ahead and look through those behind the scenes photos. Robert is still in the process of getting the place ready, so don't mind the empty shelves and ladders ;) - we helped him unpack goods from Holy Freedom, Bike Shed, Biltwell, Roeg, Dickies, Premier Helmets, Crave for Ride and among these and many more Rotten Rat Apparel! The Nowhere - to - Nowhere is already classic!

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