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Last week we had an amazing opportunity to visit the oldest European Harley Davidson Dealer - WARR's at King's Road London.

Warr's was founded in 1924 by Captain Frederick James Warr and became an official Harley - Davidson dealer that same year. After WWII Fred Warr- son, was able to lift US and UK restrictions concerning the import of civilian motorcycles to UK. Thanks to his efforts, by 1956 first civilian Harley Davidson motorcycle were to be bought in UK. Warr's dealerships are Europe's pride and are to this day operated by the Warr's family members.

Guys at the workshop let us in to snoop around on the backstage projects. Here are some photos we took. If you haven't visited them yet, you definitely must on your next visit to London.

source: www.warrs.com


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  • Wow, that is so amazing, I just learned something today.Very nice pictures and good to know one can find stories in you web. Thanks!!!

    Juliana on

  • Hello :), very nice, that you also about other companies reported and no differences of motorcycles makes. Not the brand is decisive but the passion for something ….. as always, please continue so! See you soon;) …..Waldemar

    Waldemar on

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