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It all began with my inherent passion for customizing the reality around me. Since I was a kid I would scribble on anything I would get my hands on including my parents’ wooden bed frame ;) Drawings and paintings were the very companions throughout my entire life. They became my passion.


The youthful tastes would change but drawing stayed truthfully. It became a way of life. Not even a career in basketball or skateboarding competitions were able to overshadow the true calling. My art was very much influenced by the lowbrow and kustom culture and then by the motorcycle cult. I knew that motorcycles would play an important role in my life the first time I laid my eyes on my uncle’s HD electra glide back in the 80’s.


Although I had the opportunity to create for companies such as DC USA, Zoo York etc. I always felt that I was lacking something in my life. This is when I met a very special person to my heart who fell in love with my drawings and became my companion in life. Anika’s passion for motorcycles, art and fashion made me realize that what I was missing was a clothing brand that would be the perfect combination of all that I believed in. I knew at the start that it would be a turning point in my life. This is how Rotten Rat Apparel was born.


Rotten Rat represents freedom. Freedom of expressing your passion, dreams and imagination. We believe in everything that is true, unique and handcrafted. We believe in nature, travel and love.


By wearing our apparel you become a part of a community that is pure, free and imaginative.
Stay true to yourselves and never let go of your dreams.


Buster & Anika